Plants, plottings, maintenance, and grave site care for Pittsburgh and surrounding areas

Cemetery and Gravesite Services

Planting Services

  • Annual flowers planted at the gravesite.
  • Perennial flowers planted at the gravesite.
  • Shrubs and trees planted in family plots at cemeteries.
  • Sow grass seed around the monuments / tombstones / gravesites.
  • Lay new sod around monuments / tombstones / gravesites. (Maintenance packages required with sod and sowing of grass seed.)

Maintenance Services

  • Clean the monuments / tombstones / gravesite.
  • Edge the monuments / tombstones / gravesite.
  • Maintain gravesite plantings through watering, deadheading flowers, fertilizing, etc.
  • Maintain newly sown grass seed
  • Maintain newly laid sod.

Other Services

  • We light the eternal flame at gravesites.
  • Placing wreaths, candles (vigil lighting), fresh flowers, artificial flowers, stuffed animals, flags, balloons, etc. by the monument / tombstone / gravesite within the cemetery or mausoleum.
  • Email submission to the customer of before and after photos of the monument / tombstone / gravesite.
  • Submit or file work order requests with the cemetery
  • Reasons for filing work orders:
    • Grave markers shifts after being set
    • Tree limbs precariously hanging over the marker.
    • Larger planting in estate plots.
    • Damage to the marker due to regular cemetery maintenance.
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